The Armory of Freshwater Aquarium Maintenance Tools

Posted by Fluval Edge

Superb and clean aquariums are the pride of the aquarist. But in order for these proud aquarists to have, sparkling clean fish tanks, they have to do standard upkeep. But doing freshwater aquarium maintenance can be a bit demanding, and so these aquarists have come up with an array of various tools right from the aquarist armory, to assure that dirt and its minions can in no way win over the cleanliness of these prime enthusiasts.

Gravel Vacuums

Particularly called aquarium gravel vacuums, for a even more defined naming convention, these machines perform precisely like your ordinary vacuum cleaner: they suck off excess dirt in the aquarium that you can't get your hands on, such as excess food and waste supplies.

Algae Pads/Scraper/Scrubber

As the name suggests, they are particularly utilised to eliminate the algae from your aquariums, keeping them totally free of these green monsters. The softer pads are frequently used for acrylic tanks, which are scratched pretty easily due to their flexible composition.

Fish Nets

These nets can be utilized as a separation bay, a lot like how fish farmers grow their fish in the sea employing nets. You can also use these fish nets as transportation devices, when moving dead or big fishes from the most important tank. The size of the holes determines their use, and clearly, the smaller-holed ones are for modest fry.

Forceps or Tongs

Primarily valuable for selecting out particular obstructions in the aquarium, as properly as removing dead fish. Apparently, they can also be utilised as planting sticks.


Ah yes, the ever so faithful water container. Bet you're unsurprised? Yep, pails are also wonderful aquarium maintenance tools to use, considering they carry water that you can use for partial water altering, full water changing, and several other things.

Siphon Tubes

These are typically used to drain the water out of the aquarium with no you getting to literally lift the aquarium and tilt it sideways (which is pretty tricky if you know what I mean). This is the cause for the minimum length of a siphon tube: it should really at least be able to reach to floor from the rim of the aquarium.

Water pH Testing Kits

As the name states, is employed to check the water pH levels in an aquarium. It can usually be employed as a pH testing kit for almost anything (yes, even if it not even about aquariums), which is why it can also be made use of to test particular kinds of waters, like tap water, if they are safe to use for an aquarium (of course, following following the correct procedures in testing pH levels of tap water).

These tools give the aquarist the edge against all kinds of dirt that can desecrate his or her sacred aquatic sanctum. And in utilizing these tools, you can now conduct your freshwater aquarium maintenance with maximum proficiency. For preferred outcomes, but, a mixture of some of all of these tools would be crucial, along with the appropriate maintenance procedures.