Fluval Aquariums

Posted by Fluval Edge
There are many different types of Fluval aquariums, with a lot of them being the 6 gallon version. Most of them come with a retractable halogen lighting system, along with a removable cover which means easy access to the fluval aquarium and it’s filter when needed. The Fluval Edge aquarium also comes with a EDGE filter which has a 3 stage filtration system.

In looks, the fluval aquarium looks stunning, very sleek and modern, and there are many fluval aquarium accessories in the marketplace. On an example I’ve come across, the plants grew out of the top of the fluval aquarium tank, and that was with the standard lighting and a closed top, so little amounts of CO2.

With the EDGE fluval aquarium fish tank, being the worlds first 3D water cube aquarium, high definition viewing from every angle is possible, aided by the fact it comes with a glass top, meaning water can be filled to the very brim. The glass top is only partially sealed, which therefore reduces evaporation, meaning less maintenance is needed, whilst allowing the fish to remain healthy.

The base of the fish tank aids in the Fluval aquarium appearance and function, as it provides a small footprint, meaning the fluval aquarium tank can be placed anywhere easily, lending to a clean, contemporary look.

The fluval aquarium lighting is powered by a powerful, retractable halogen system which is made up of two 10 watt light bulbs, creating a visually stunning display for all in view of the tank, especially so, if the owner has furnished the fluval aquarium tank with live plants.

The fluval aquarium lighting and filter systems are actually hidden from view, beneath the removable cover, for a clean, sophisticated look. The fluval aquarium filter is a powerful, 3 stage filter, which is a mechanical, chemical and biological filtration system, used to provide clear, healthy water to the aquatic life within the Fluval aquarium.

The fluval aquarium is easy to assemble and maintain, courtesy of a perforated removable cover, which dissipates heat, avoids moisture, and allows access easily to the filters lift out media trays. Click here to read more..