Fluval EBI Nano Shrimp Habitat 7.9-gallon

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Fluval EBI

Fluval EBI Nano Shrimp HabitatFluval Ebi is a nano shrimp habitat and has been designed with freshwater shrimp specifically in mind. Sleek, nano glass aquarium with panoramic viewing, equipped with all necessary components to create the ideal habitat for shrimp and crayfish. This kit includes shrimp substrate, a powerful internal filter and balanced full spectrum lighting. It's a very nice tank. And like other Fluval aquariums, setup for this type was easy, somewhat customizable and well packed. Fluval Ebi offers consumers a view into a whole new world.

Fluval EBI Nano Shrimp HabitatFor aquarium enthusiasts today, freshwater shrimp are on the verge of becoming the next "big thing" in aquatic pets. This well designed new aquarium includes all the necessary ingredients for achieving success in the wonderful and rewarding hobby of shrimp and crayfish.

With their vibrant colours and entertaining disposition, freshwater shrimp (called Ebi in Japanese) are a truly fascinating species to collect and keep. And thanks to the increasing availability of a wide variety of remarkable shrimp species, freshwater shrimp-keeping continues to rise in popularity. Currently we are receiving different kinds of shrimp almost every week!

Fluval EBI explores the fascinating world of freshwater shrimps. The Fluval EBI kit comes with a 7.9-gallon aquarium with cover, a fluorescent light, an Ebi internal filter with spray bar, Fluval Shrimp Stratum substrate, a molded rock background, a shrimp net with telescoping handle, thermometer, Fluval Shrimp Safe and Fluval Shrimp Mineral Supplement, along with Fluval Shrimp Granules, and a Fluval Shrimp Care Guide.

I use it as a desktop light as well since the provided mini lamp has a full spectrum bulb - easy on the eyes. The Fluval Ebi is a great habitat to get you started and experience the fascinating lives of shrimp.

The Fluval Ebi nano shrimp habitat has a very modern look to it and it hold shrimps very well. It creates a very relaxing atmosphere. I am currently battling new tank syndrome so the water is a tiny bit cloudy but other then that it looks great. If you are on the edge about buying this product (which you probably are if you are reading a review) just go for it. I am happy that I did, just keep in mind, this isnt a tank made to house lots of shrimps.

Fluval Ebi Nano Aquarium Kit include:

Fluval EBI Nano Shrimp Habitat
  • 7.9-gallon shrimp and crayfish habitat with cover
  • Equipped with an internal filter designed for maximum water clarity and biological capacity
  • 13-watt daylight compact fluorescent light supports live plant growth of low- to mid-light plants
  • Multiple decorations are available specially designed for the Fluval Ebi
  • 11.8 inches long, 11.8 inches wide, 13.75 inches high; 2-year warranty

Fluval Nano Aquarium FilterHagen Nano Filter with surface spray bar for Fluval Flora and Fluval Ebi Aquariums. Sponge Filter is easy to clean and provides great surface area for bacteria to grow.

Fluval Ceramic Shrimp Decor Aquarium OrnamentFluval Ceramic Shrimp Decor Cave and trunk are made from a non-toxic ceramic accessory that are safe for delicate shrimp and dwarf crayfish. Specially designed for Fluval® EBI Nano Shrimp Habitat, they will provide shelter when shrimp and dwarf crayfish are molting or stressed and helps bring out breeding instincts. The natural design can be enhanced with live moss.

Fluval EBI Shrimp NetFluval Telescopic Shrimp net is specifically designed for handling freshwater shrimp. Its deep pocket helps prevent shrimp from escaping and its finely-woven, anti-snag netting prevents tangling. A sturdy, stainless steel telescopic handle allows you to extend and adjust the length of the net from 12 to 35 cm (5 to14 in).

Fluval Aquarium LightingFluval Mini Power Compact Aquarium Lamp provides high-efficiency lighting specifically designed for small aquariums. The Fluval Mini Power Compact Aquarium Lamp features a highly polished internal reflector for maximum aquarium light level, two separate pivotal controls that let you adjust the position of the light vertically and horizontally, and a conveniently-located on/off switch. It also supports plant growth in small aquariums.

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