Fluval 405 External Canister Filter

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Best External Canister Filter for Fluval Aquariums.

Fluval 405 External Canister FilterFluval 405 Canister Filter is a very good filter for aquascaping enthusiasts. It comes with a cd to tech you how to set up and it is easy. I recommend this product. The Fluval 405 is well-made, and very customizable. It has a total of 8 compartments spread over 4 baskets to use for filtering media, which is great.

This is in addition to a large, 3-piece foam pre-filter. I've got 2 baskets/4 compartments with ceramic filter material (biological), 2 compartments with carbon/resin filtration material, and 2 filled with peat. The result is a perfectly clean, slightly acidic water running into my fluval aquariums.

Fluval 405 Filter Product Description

The Fluval 405 Aquarium Canister Filter offers advanced pumping technology and a versatile combination of mechanical, biological and chemical filtering capabilities for aquariums up to 100 gallons. This versatility enables you to customize your aquarium environment to meet the specialized needs of your unique collection of fish and aquatic plants.

Fluval 405 External Canister FilterThis Fluval 405 Aquarium Canister filter provides 35-55% more volume than would be possible with round canisters of the same outer dimensions. Increased volume means a greater mass of filter material and a larger filtration area.

Fluval filters multiply this advantage by directing water into complex flow paths for greatly increased contact with filter media. The AquaStop valve creates an air- and water-tight seal so you can disconnect hosing without breaking the vacuum that will be necessary to resume operation without priming.

The media baskets equipped with the Fluval 405 Aquarium Canister Filter are self-contained and interchangeable so that the media can be replaced independently. Media is packed into filter baskets in the recommended positions for basic filtration in order to save you time, and the instant prime handle ensures an easy startup.

The Fluval 405 Aquarium Canister Filter is held securely in place by the lift-lock clamps and is the perfect choice for discerning aquarists who want to achieve maximum versatility and premium performance for their aquariums.

The Fluval motor is hermetically sealed to ensure reliable operation and it does not require coolant. Besides the impeller, there are no moving parts. The ribbed, opaque hosing bends and turns easily without kinking, making installation and removal easier while supporting better water flow. Holding the intake and output valve in place securely is the innovative rim connector which slides on and snaps together instantly.

I change out the carbon/peat once monthly-and the changes are so easy with the aquastop valve-literally 2 drops of water escaped onto my floor in removing the whole cannister from the system to clean! Cleaning is easy-simply unclip the top, take out the baskets/foam, and clean/replace.

Fluval 405 Filter Product Features

    Fluval 405 External Canister Filter
  • Advanced filtration system providing maximum versatility and premium performance for aquariums up to 100 gallons
  • Instant priming for convenient, simple and quick filter start up; No manual siphoning
  • High output motor is sealed in epoxy to resist high temperatures for performance and safety
  • AquaStop Valve offers an air- and water-tight seal permitting hosing to be disconnected without breaking the vacuum
  • Pump output of 340 gallons per hour; 3-year warranty

Fluval 405 Filter Review

There are many review by user for this aquarium filter. Most of them were satisfied with fluval aquarium filter 405. I have compile some reviews from customers on Fluval 405 Filter into 4 main points...

Filtration - This Fluval 405 External Canister Filter keeps the water much cleaner for much longer. With 4 bays for media you can alter your setup as you see fit and the volume of media is much greater. For comparison, the power filter cartridge held about 50oz of carbon, this Fluval 405 filter holds up to 400oz. The pump is also very quiet and if it's tucked away under fish tank, you'll not hear it at all.

Fluval 405 External Canister FilterMaintenance - So far with this unit most users very rarely do the cleaning. Average customers do it every 3-4 weeks. Compare with other filter models that require cleaning every two weeks. In fact sometimes quite difficult to do so. Cleaning this Fluval 405 filter is much easier since you basically take the whole filter to the sink with you than just pulling the filter cartridges like in other models.

Construction - All the molded plastic parts seem well made and work very well. Especially the clamps for the hoses. The unit is pretty easy to remove and disassemble for cleaning also due to it's good design.

Installation - Fluval 405 Filter is very easy to install, the video supplied with the filter is very easy to follow and the printed directions are also very good. Just be sure you have a place below your tank to place the filter since it needs to be placed below the water level to operate.

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