What is a Mini Reef Aquarium-Reef Tanks Examined and Explained

Posted by Fluval Edge

Nothing is far more stunning then the color and movement of the natural reef. Several people today have brought this beauty into their own houses with a mini reef aquarium system.

What Is a Mini Reef Aquarium

This form of aquarium setup is designed and built to replicate nature in the perfect way attainable. Although this artificial replication of nature live corals and other marine animals like fish, shrimp crabs and other people are able to live and even reproduce.

What Is Necessary To Replicate Nature

Naturally you will want a tank and synthetic seawater to fill it but in the mini reef aquarium there are some other pieces of equipment that you will definitely need in order for your system to thrive.

Sufficient Lighting- On the natural reef the light from the suns rays helps maintain corals alive and growing. To replicate this you will want a high intensity lighting system. There are quite a few distinct techniques to lighting a reef tank and all of them have drawbacks and advantages.

Water Motion- In the wild the water that crashes more than the reef crest assists to oxygenate the water, carry away coral and fish waste and bring food in for the reef inhabitants. For a profitable reef tank you are going to have to provide strong water movement in order to keep corals clean and debris in suspension so it can be removed by the filters.

Natural Atmosphere- Replicating the wild reef is simple and easy with liverock. Liverock is actual rock from the wild reefs that break off. This rock is collected and sold to reef keepers about the world. It will provide a natural seeking display and make your inhabitants feel far more at home. Fantastic liverock can also help with natural nitrate reduction and increase water high quality.

Water Top quality- In the wild the water good quality is superb, new water is consistently being washed over the reef so nutrients never ever accumulate. In the mini reef aquarium this is not probable so special equipment like protein skimmers and other filtration approaches have been developed to scrub your water and remove harmful pollutants.