Tank Requirements of Siamese Fighting Fish

Posted by Fluval Edge

The Siamese fighting fish is almost certainly the most favorite fish next to gold fish considering that of it's fascinating lengthy flowing fins. They are commonly noticed in small fish bowls in pet shops and you will notice that the male is incredibly concerned about it is territory which is why keeping them in modest tanks is not a superior idea or they could finish up fighting and can lead to injury or even death. You have to have a tank that's large adequate for every and everyone to claim its own territory. Yes you can maintain them in a bowl because they have a tipped mouth that enables them to grasp air from the water's surface but if you want your fish to be healthy and content, you improved put it in a tank with considerable size.

Setting up the tank for Siamese fighting fish is not tricky, you just want a little know how and then you are prepared to get began. You need to have a tank that can at least hold five gallons of water. The temperature should certainly be 70°F - 85°F. For optimum wellness, maintain the water heated to 78°, pH really should be 6-7.five and water hardness will need to not exceed 20° dH. Do not use a filtration method that creates a lot of strong water movements as this can cause pressure to your fish. As with any other water species, typical water changes will need to be performed to stop any diseases and unnecessary anxiety. Keeping the tank clean helps lower the toxin level. You can decorate the aquarium with gravel, colored stones, silk plants (rather of plastic plants) and a modest cave. Don't put pointy rocks or ornaments mainly because they tear the fish's fins. Make confident you use a water conditioner prior to putting tap water in the tank simply because chloramines and chlorine can be dangerous to your fish. Also, if your tank does not have any best cover, fill only about 80% of the tank with water to prevent your fish from jumping.

Another factor you have to bear in mind when caring for Siamese fighting fish is overcrowding, this is most certainly a No-No! The much less fish you have in your tank the improved. Be careful when mixing them with other species specifically those that tend to nip at fins. In addition to that, 1 male Betta is ideal for the reason that as we mentioned earlier, the male like to keep its territory. They are frequently peaceful as lengthy as you mix them with the right tank mates. They can be aggressive with other tropical fish with huge fins like guppies and angelfish.