Introducing New Fish Into Your Aquarium

Posted by Fluval Edge

Bringing new additions to your aquarium will need to be achieved in a cautious properly believed out plan. This is especially accurate with expensive fish. Most very important is that the new fish are coming from a healthy tank. Also the water temperature in your tank ideally ought to be inside two degrees of the tank the fish had been moved from.

If there is alot more of a temperature difference than two degrees then float the transport container n your tank long sufficient for the temperature to stabilize. Also it would assist a outstanding deal to guarantee a secure transfer if the fish were placed in the new tank inside a half a day of obtain.

A even more complicated feature to ascertain is the attainable pH distinction among tanks. If there is a awesome alter in the degree of acidity or alkalinity of the water the fish will most absolutely be affected. It is oftentimes the practice to dump the shipping water into the new tank which could possibly adjust the pH of the tank. Caution should really be applied here.

Your new addition ought to be fed lightly right after being received particularly if they were shipped by mail or express. Many shippers do not feed the fish prior to shipping and they have to have to be slowly brought back to a regular diet program. If your new fish is to be introduced into an established tank it is superb practice to very first feed the established fish and then introduce the new members. This is especially vital if your tank consists of each significant and small fish. You don't want your present occupants to believe of the new addition as a special meal.

When dealing with expensive fish it is good practice to have a second tank to place the new arrivals. This permits time to inspect the fish for achievable disease or other unwelcome conditions. It could spell disaster to introduce a new member into an established tank only to obtain it has sickened the entire population.

A practice noticed at a lot of aquariums which marks the offender as a novice is the practice of tapping on the glass of the tank to attempt to acquire notice. This in may situations can frighten and confuse the fish and does completely no decent as far as attracting the fish.

In addition be aware of the tank lightening. A new member who might have been kept in a dark tank will be adversely affected if the lighting in or about the new tank is extreme.