Do I Need a Protein Skimmer When Starting a New Salt Water Tank

Posted by Fluval Edge

Do i need to have a protein skimmer? This is a question various people today who are beginning a salt water tank generally ask. They ask for quite a few reasons that range from lack of cash to general confusion and information and facts more than load.

The reason most consumers use these pieces of equipment is because they are particularly efficient at removing dissolved waste from the water and keeping it crystal clear. They can also support to oxygenate your saltwater tank and keep your PH up.

The truth is that though a protein skimmers do a superb job at keeping solid and dissolved waste out of your saltwater aquarium water you do not necessarily require to use one in order to have a wholesome saltwater aquarium.

In reality various persons chose to not use 1 at all and employ other methods of nutrient export. These approaches usually contain the following.

Refugiums that grow macro algaes that use the excess nutrients that would other wise be applied by nuisance algae are becoming particularly well-liked, particularly in reef aquariums exactly where it is believed that protein skimmers can strip beneficial plankton out of the water.

Alot more frequent water alterations are also utilised by quite a few saltwater tank keepers in order to preserve dissolved nutrients like nitrates and phosphates down to manageable levels.

While these alternatives to a protein skimmer perform properly they do add added function or further equipment. When the typical fish only salt water tank can get by with out a skimmer you should seriously give some thought to adding 1 as yet another form of defense against difficulty algae and sick fish.